Transfer Your Funeral Plan

Transfer Your Funeral Plan

Don’t Feel Locked into Your Funeral Plan

Do you feel locked in your current funeral plan agreement? You can easily switch funeral homes, even if you have prepaid some or all of your funeral costs. And you won’t lose a dime – you may even get money back if your new firm choice is more affordable.

Why make the switch?

  • Prices are more affordable and you anticipate receiving a refund on prepaid expenses
  • You have relocated to another region to live and it is practical
  • You prefer a different venue to hold service
  • Ownership has changed and loyalty is gone
  • You are no longer happy with the services provided by your current funeral home
  • You can transfer for any reason and there is no need to explain

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pre-paid funerals be transferred to another funeral home or canceled?

Yes, pre-paid or pre-arranged funerals can be transferred to another funeral home or canceled. In this event, you would contact the funeral home in which you wish to transfer your pre-paid funeral. The funeral director would then look after all the details in having the account transferred.

You are not required to contact the original funeral home personally, so there is no need to explain yourself.

When I pre-pay for all or part of my funeral, where does my money go? 

When you pre-plan your funeral with Thom’s Funeral Home, the money for your pre-planned funeral is held with Assurant Life of Canada, which is an insurance provider exclusively for final expenses and the funding of prearranged funerals. They have been a trusted partner in funeral pre-planning in Canada since 1963.

Funeral homes do not hold your money personally. Provincial legislation requires that funeral plan funds must be held in a trust or with a pre-approved insurance provider. 

Are you protected if the funeral home you pre-paid with goes out of business?

Yes, you are protected. The money that you have invested is held in trust by an approved financial institution; therefore, the success of the funeral home you have pre-paid with has no effect on your investment.


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