We want to simplify the process of planning your own or your loved one’s funeral. We have a few different pricing packages, depending on your wishes and finances, making it easy to pick the appropriate funeral style.

To keep your costs low, we offer no extra charge for any after-hours removal or services. We’re here for you 24-7 when you need us most.

Note: Prices do not include cash disbursements or third party fees such as, but not limited to: cemetery fees, cemetery vaults, flowers, newspaper notices, luncheons, or honorariums.

Simple Cremation

Simple Cremation Package

How much is a simple cremation? A cremation is the most affordable funeral option. If you’ve been looking for a basic cremation with no extra added features, this is the option for you. We will help you with the essentials only, with the same care and attention we give to everyone.

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Memorial Service

Memorial Service Package

If you would like a cremation, but you would also like to give loved ones a memorial service to commemorate, the memorial or celebration of life service is the right package for you. This option includes everything from the simple cremation package, as well as a personalized tribute to your loved one.

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Traditional Funeral

Traditional Funeral

If you envision a traditional funeral, complete with a service at a church, chapel, or other venue and viewing time with family and friends, the traditional funeral package will satisfy your needs. This package includes everything from the simple cremation package, as well as a traditional funeral service and burial.

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